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Safety And Quality

Professional Production

Since we know that failure in our sector will lead to great loss of life and property to our customers, our always and most important goal is 100% SECURITY. From the first user to the end user we will continue to please everyone.

A. Yılmaz
General Manager
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Phone: + (212) 662 84 00 44, will be returned to you as soon as possible.

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Akyak is a company dedicated to making the best product in its class with its special R & D studies and its difference is its quality.

Designed for the Corex 3 fire class: Class A (Solid combustible fire) - Class B (Liquid combustible fire) - Class C (Gas combustible fire).

Corex has been designed to last for 5 years in a fire tube, but fire tubes are checked annually. Some of our companies demand these treatments every 6 months.

Akyak completes the demands of its customers with the fastest and most meticulous production capacity. We are proud to serve you with 14000kg / day product capacity.